Meet the Founder

Edvin Vosylius

Over the past 16 years, I have dedicated my career to sales, gaining valuable experience across 7 different organizations, each facing a similar challenge - INCREASE SALES.

I began my journey as an assistant sales manager and steadily advanced to the position of Chief Sales Officer. From any sales-related role you can think of, I have successfully performed in all of them.

My results:

- $13mln in revenue in 4 years, starting point $0.

- 50 countries distribution expansion, agreements with Apple Stores, Best Buy, Decathlon, Virgin Stores, etc.

- Successfully raised two separate seed rounds of $4.4mln and $1.45mln - 6x MRR growth within just 18 months.

- 3 sales teams from 0 of up to 25 people, hired, fired, and managed.

- Successfully closed deals with brands like Disney, Electronic Arts, Xbox, Amazon Games, Wolt, Vinted, Unity, SAP, Transcom, and more.