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Asta Rudzikiene



RoyaltyRange recently worked with Edvin to find sales talents. I'm very happy with the results. HEMES quickly found great candidates for our tricky-to-fill roles. They understood our needs well and got experienced professionals to us fast. If you need help with sales hiring and want a partner who delivers, HEMES is the go-to choice.

JB Daguené

CEO & Co-founder


I've been working with Edvin when he was a VP of sales, first at Whatagraph and then at Favro. One thing that struck me with Edvin was his ability to hire and assemble high-performing sales teams. It was a no-brainer to work with Edvin to hire SDRs, Sales Executives, and other sales roles when he launched HEMES. Edvin kept delivering, and I highly recommend his services!

Exceptional Boutique Recruiting Experience: Collaborating with Edvin was a standout experience. From understanding our unique needs to delivering top-tier candidates, every step was seamless. Edvin doesn't just fill positions; they build lasting partnerships. Highly recommend!

A. Bagdonavičius

CEO & Co-founder


Edgaras Liovinas

Sales Team Lead


I highly recommend Edvin as an HR specialist for sales-related positions. As he acquires undoubtable experience in sales himself he can recommend best suitable options both for business and the one who is looking for a job.

Ieva Strelyte

IR Manager


HEMES helped the Letsinvest team to headhunt and recruit an investor acquisition manager. Not only did they assist us in the selection process, but they also provided us with advice on salary and bonus structures. A very valuable hiring partner! Edvinas himself is also a delight to work with - great communication, professional attitude when it came to understanding our company's needs and everything was done in a timely manner.

Jevgenij Polonis

CEO & Co-Founder


What makes the perfect match for your sales team recruiter/head hunter?
Edvin fits the bill perfectly. With years of industry experience, from cold calls to closing enterprise deals, hundreds of interviews, and a track record of hiring and firing for various sales roles, Edvin can swiftly identify and secure your next top-performing salesperson. Highly recommended for your next outsourced sales headhunter decision.

Gabija Masiulytė

Account Executive


Edvin did a great job in finding potential employers for me. The interviews I had were all valuable, and I could see that Edvin considered my qualifications, work style and personality when recommending companies. I'm impressed by how quickly and efficiently HEMES operates and I highly recommend them, as they helped me land a dream job I wouldn't have found on my own.

Edvin is a born leader who allows his team members to grow, coaches them and is open to discuss your losses and successes in order to have a constant personal and professional growth. He never stops aiming for a higher result, always thinks ten steps ahead and never takes 'no' for an answer. When facing challenges, Edvinas always rolls up his sleeves and jumps to help handling the situation.

Julian Sinkunas

Account Executive


Vilius Klimasauskas

Account Executive


Edvin's exceptional leadership, evident in spearheading sales teams at Whatagraph and Favro, stood out. In a competitive industry, he fostered a supportive and inclusive environment. Edvin's extensive business network, the broadest I've encountered, reflects his influence and expertise. Working with him was a professional privilege and a great learning experience. I wholeheartedly recommend him as an inspiring sales leader.

Kirsti Wennberg

VP People & Culture


I've worked with Edvin for 2 years and highly recommend him as a Sales Director. He's a team player who genuinely cares about his colleagues. Edvin is always ready to help, his colleagues respect his expertise and appreciate learning from him. At Favro, he fostered a culture of continuous learning, building trust with his team. He'd be a valuable addition to any company valuing work ethic, collaboration, and leadership learning.

Not only did Edvin find me the perfect job, but he also made the entire process seamless and stress-free. I appreciate his dedication and genuine care for my career. I know that Edvin truly understood what kind of person I'm and what are my strengths in workplace. If you're a job seeker looking for a recruitment agency that truly values your goals and works tirelessly to help you succeed, I highly recommend HEMES.

A. Maškalo



Henrikas Puidokas

Senior AE


I had the pleasure of working with Edvin to find new career opportunities for myself. Since Edvin possesses a deep understanding of both the job market and the unique skills and qualities that make a perfect match between candidates and companies, his efficiency in his role is a testament to his professionalism. I wholeheartedly recommend Edvin for his outstanding skills in this realm. GO HEMES!

Laurynas A.

General Partner


Edvin is not only an intelligent personality to work with but also an experienced sales professional. Thinking out of the box and creating an enjoyable environment around him, he has an entrepreneurial mind that is very valuable for a young company when everyone needs to be involved in the decision-making process. If you are looking for a stable and persistent person to ensure rapid business growth, I definitely recommend Edvin.

Kyrill Z.

Angel Investor

Edvin is a decent and professional person. He is goal oriented, but flexible at the same time and has a good combination of hard- and soft skills. Not to highlight, he is open-minded and combines positive attitude with smart hard-work. In fact, he knows how to work smart and to deliver great results. I definitely can highly recommend him for any challenging roles that comply with his professional experience and interests!

We collaborated closely, building new categories and brands worldwide. Edvin is one of the most enthusiastic learners and proactive leaders I've encountered. His passion, energy, and assertiveness make him adept at sales and finding win-win solutions. Colleagues appreciate his quick support and ability to get things done in challenging situations. I'm saddened to no longer have him on my team, but I congratulate you if you get the chance to work with him.

Aivaras Bakanas

CCO & Co-Founder


Paulius Nevinskas



I worked together with Edvin on establishing one of the first Lithuanian Corporate Venture Capital Funds at SBA Group. During short period Edvinas structured strategy of the fund and used his personal network to drive pipeline of the leads. I admire his strategic thinking, business analytical skills and ability to connect different interest groups under common goals.

Greg Rogers

Account Manager

DCW Media

David is super attentive and knows the ins and outs of the industry. He was always available to answer our questions and hop on calls. He's a true problem solver. We appreciated his commitment to our relationship, as well as his sense of humor. We would work with him again in any capacity!

Eddy Pasiusis

Head of Sales


David is a skilled and dedicated sales professional, distinguishing himself by creating and diligently following his own system. He embraces long working hours, accommodating calls from different time zones. David is rare in his ability to welcome feedback with an open mind, making adjustments accordingly. Trust him with autonomy and witness successful deal closures.

Olivija Stankovic

Account Executive


I worked with David in the same unit for more than a year and I can say he is a great colleague and a person all around. Throughout my experience working alongside he stayed a top performer and pushed beyond expectations. He is also always the first to jump in if newer members of the team run into issues. David is able to think outside the box, thus he finds the best solutions to major issues. Always strived to do more and improve at every step.

Augustas Ausra

Head of Sales


I had an amazing time working together with David, seeing his journey through SDR, then team lead then Account Executive, and learning things fast was incredible. A marketing background is a great addition to David skillsets, he's great with any sort of tech stack which is another great skill of his, not to talk about the ability to sell to any type of the business. Highly recommended to any senior sales-type roles!

Benas Zibolis

TA Partner


David is a top tier SaaS Account Executive. He worked his way up from SDR level all the way up to a top-performing AE in less than 1.5 years. Enough said, really.

Rapolas Bernotas

Director of AEs


David is a great sales professional: tenacious and with a keen eye for detail. He has ample experience as an SDR, SDR team lead and Account Executive - the full package, really. I was especially impressed with David's active listening skills - he truly listens and not just waits for his turn to speak, which is an absolutely key skill for anyone not only for sales!

Vismantas Balcius

Sales Director


David, a dedicated professional with excellent listening, analytical, and communication skills, swiftly advanced from SDR to team lead and, within a year, became a Client Partner due to consistent sales over-performance. Besides excelling in sales, he leads in hiring, training, and onboarding new team members, enhancing both sales skills and personal development. Working with David, who consistently exceeds expectations, is a pleasure.

Inga Vaitiekūnienė

Sales Director

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HEMES assisted us with the Account Executive selection process and helped us headhunt and hire a Polish-speaking SDR as well. They applied a proactive outbound approach and engaged with the Polish community to identify a few hidden candidates.

Arūnas Zykas

Account Executive


HEMES is my trusted career partner. Every time I need help to identify the top companies and find a position in sales, I contact them. Highly recommended sales recruitment partners.

I got in touch with HEMES because I was curious about discovering new sales opportunities. After evaluating my experience, they presented me with multiple interesting job openings. After a smooth selection process, I landed a Business Development Manager role.

Daumantas Rutulys


RDA Spot

Rokas Abromikas

Sales Executive


What made an impression to me, as a salesperson, is that I can talk to Edvin and his team as peers. These days, It is quite common to hear that recruiters don't really understand the positions they are hiring people into. Edvin's experience in sales allowed us to have a fluid and organic conversation, making the whole process smooth from the very start.

Donatas Jasiūnas

Chief Sales Officer


Wow, is the only word that comes to mind when describing Edvin. I've had some experience with previous recruiters, but nothing quite like what I've experienced with him. Edvin is the epitome of professionalism, explaining every detail of each step in the process and consistently following up with feedback. I thought navigating the search for new opportunities would be much more challenging, but Edvin made it ten times easier. Thank you!

Indrė Gintautaitė

Account Executive


HEMES is an exceptional agency benefiting and caring for both candidates and companies. They understand the industry, understand the challenges and can answer all of your questions regarding the available positions. They not only try to fulfill positions, but also give advice regarding your career path.

Karolis Dumbrovas

Director of RevOps


I've worked closely with Edvinas and can confidently say he's an exceptional leader with remarkable skills. His ability to blend strategic vision with hands-on expertise sets him apart. He understands complex organizational needs and consistently delivers tailored solutions. Edvinas's dedication and transparent actions build a trustworthy working relationship. He's an absolute rockstar.


Head of Global Ops


Edvin had given me 2 wonderful advice when it came to my career. By exercising his ability to hear and understand people, he can truly make sure it's a long-term solution for the company and the candidate. I would recommend meeting Edvin for anyone who's looking for their next BD role or building their sales team. I'm sure you'll get the transparency you deserve.

Gustas Šmulkštys

Senior SDR


If you're searching for a sales position, Edvin is your go-to person. He simplified the entire process, ensuring it was stress-free, and tailored the company's values to suit my needs. Thanks to Edvin, I secured a role at a tech startup.

Simona Vasytė



Perfection42 needed a technical SDR, and HEMES delivered in no time. Within a few weeks, they found us an experienced candidate who ticked all the boxes. Fast, efficient, and spot-on—HEMES made the whole process simple. We recommend HEMES to anyone looking for hassle-free recruitment.

Paulius Petrauskas

Head of Sales

Via Solis

I worked with Edvin recently as he presented several sales job opportunities to me and provided guidance throughout the interview process. Edvin was helpful and expressed deep interest in finding the best possible fit for me in the job market every step of the way. I recommend HEMES for anyone seeking opportunities in sales or looking for expert advice in their job search journey!

Edvin employed me at Whatagraph as an SDR. He helped me negotiate the position of Account Executive at Goramp and Attention Insight as well. When I'm looking for a sales job, I always go to HEMES.

Julius Tverijonas

Account Executive


Saulius Krygeris

Director of BD


I've known Edvinas for almost decade and he has been great sparring partner. He very much excels in designing org. structures and forming the right-sized sales teams to achieve business objectives. I highly recommend him for his expertise.

Deividas Olišauskas

Director of BD


Edvin is the guy who knows what he is doing. He is professional, helpful and really cares that everyone would be happy with the final agreement. Definetly recommend Edvin for your hiring needs or if you would like to make a change in your career.

Marius Baikštys



Exceptional experience exceeding expectations far beyond, Edvins ability to assess and identify strongest skills to match them with the role requirements is impressive and extremely efficient that, to my experience, sets him apart competition. Always professional, responsive, helpful and just a nice person to deal with. I wish nothing less than a maximum success to your story Sir and once again, from the bottom of my heart - Thank you.

Ausra Vengryte

Head of Sales

MTL Carton

MTL Carton used Hemes to headhunt the export manager. Within 10 days they presented 6 relevant candidates and we hired 2 employees instead of 1. Hemes team listened and heard us very well. And that is probably the most valuable quality of the partners you are working with. We will be working with Hemes in the future.

Mantas Bartkus


Whatabout agency

HEMES dedication to finding top talent is unparalleled, evident in the caliber of candidates they consistently deliver. With their thorough understanding of the sales landscape and personalized approach to matching candidates with roles, they have exceeded expectations. Their attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction make them an invaluable partner for anyone seeking to build a high-performing sales team.

Rasa Stasytytė

Head of HR

MTL Carton

I want to give credit to HEMES for their outstanding performance. Within just two days of our initial meeting, they presented our first candidate. Within a week, we had eight potential candidates, all meeting our criteria. Edvin's team intuitively understood our needs, streamlining the process without extensive guidance. If you're looking for a recruitment partner or hiring for active sales roles, I highly recommend Edvin's team.

Tomas Kartanovic

VIP Relations Exec.


I want to thank you for your professionalism, patience, and guidance during the recruitment process. The willingness to go above and beyond to support me in making an informed decision did not go unnoticed. Though I didn't accept the job offer, I was truly impressed by the dedication and commitment in helping me navigate the opportunity. The attention to detail and clear communication, made the process smooth. Thanks for outstanding support.

It is my pleasure to recommend David for everyone who is looking for new opportunities within his field. Great communication, always there to help or share great insights about the role, your pros and cons. Don’t hesitate and text David, he’s very friendly and has broad knowledge about the positions, interviews and everything else regarding the matter.

Gustė Česnulytė



Ž. Meškys

Sales Manager

Whatabout agency

With David customer experience was like meeting an old friend that not only gives sincere advice, but also has built a great network! The whole journey was more like a workation than work.

Paulius Jasukaitis

Head Of Sales

Media Partner

Working with Edvin and David from HEMES was an exceptional experience. Their expertise, and extensive network swiftly connected me with several companies that perfectly aligned with my career goals and aspirations. The job landing from start to end was very fast, friendly, and professional, with no stress throughout the process. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking career advancement opportunities!

Really happy with the service from this agency! They helped us find a great Chief Sales Officer who truly fits our company culture. Definitely recommend them if you’re looking to fill any sales role in your team!

Laura Džiugytė



Edvin Vosylius is, without a doubt, the best sales leader I’ve ever worked with. His no-nonsense approach inspires the entire sales team. His experience is evident, as he treats both his team members and customers with respect. He’s a master at targeting the right potential customers, understanding their business needs, and selling them not just the product but an overall solution.

John Jeko

Sales Manger


Deividas mentored me at Whatagraph for 3 years across various teams, consistently providing invaluable guidance. His sales tactics and expertise became my own, laying the groundwork for my SaaS sales skills. Beyond numbers, he prioritized the team's well-being, ensuring everyone felt heard and supported. He was a great colleague, and a good teamlead/manager and it has been an absolute pleasure working together.

Jon Leslie


Broad Cove Insights

Laurynas Norbutas

Account Executive


I recently connected with Deividas during my job search and was impressed by his expertise and professionalism. He played a key role in connecting me with the perfect position, demonstrating a deep understanding of the sales industry and a talent for identifying the right fit. Deividas took the time to understand my career goals and preferences, ensuring a match with opportunities. I recommend him to anyone in the job hunt.

Laimonas Smulkys

Sales Director

M Capital

Working with sales for many years I've developed a skill to spot a good salesman. It is rare to find a really good and humble one. Edvin is exactly that one of the kind. He was headhunting me for a position and we've had many conversations. We didn't make an agreement because of my personal preference, however I've felt that he was doing 120% in his process. So if one day I will need similar service, I will not think twice of whom I should have to call.

Ieva Nascisoniene

IR Manager


It was a very professional approach, highly recommend the service.

Rima Mažukėlytė

Account Executive


I want to express my sincere appreciation and wholehearted recommendation for HEMES, which helped me find several job opportunities and played an instrumental role in helping me secure a job position. Their exceptional services, support, and dedicated assistance were pivotal in my job search journey.

V. Vasiliauskaitė

German Sales


I am happy with the Hemes recruitment process. It was uncomplicated, without unnecessary stages, and the communication was clear and timely. Thank you for your expertise, Edvin, for helping me with my new role.

Martynas Lape


Turing College

I want to commend Edvinas for his outstanding sales recruitment services. Thanks to Edvinas's expertise, Turing College successfully onboarded two exceptional sales professionals who are now pivotal in our mission to equip 1 million learners with world-class education. If you're seeking top-tier talent, from early sales reps to C-level executives, Edvinas is the recruiter you can trust to deliver high-caliber candidates.

M. Gerojimas

B2B Sales Manager


HEMES with Edvin helped me find a B2B Sales Manager position. They evaluated my skill set, presented several opportunities and guided me through the entire process until I signed the contract.

Ernestas Lapinskas


Alcea Group

Thanks to Edvinas and Hemes professional insights for my LinkedIn profile and his guidance, I managed to land a new job position. The team were true professionals when it comes to evaluation of skills and pointing in the right direction.

Jokūbas Kumiščius

Sales Manager


I would recommend Edvin! I'm so glad we met and he helped me find a new job at Walk15!

Otonas Martinkus

Sales Manager

Teltonika Networks

Thank you HEMES and Edvin for properly understanding that candidate's needs, professional analysis, inspirational motivation, and the most useful advice. All that helped me to navigate to success in my job search. I appreciate your mission because it is important for the sales area where I work. You are the best.